A Passion to Help

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Please be advised that The Inkwell no longer is an active project. Although I am sad that this wasn't the right direction for me, I am happy to report that I have settled into a project that I have a passion for, and, that I have some acumen in. I believe that this new course is a good one for my talents and desires.

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I learned a lot from this failed venture and in its wake I found that I enjoy making websites. Everything about it was challenging and rewarding. A friend suggested I go into a project with her to build websites for people and that is where my focus now resides. Together, we will bring a new level of class to the web. Check into my blog often to see what we have been doing.

Thank you to all of the folks who stood with me in this attempt and who are standing by me as I embark on my new adventure. It is great to have a vision and the passion to go after it. As Thomas Edison said, "I have not failed. I have only found 10,000 ways that it will not work." So it is with my journey. I will forge ahead knowing that I will never truly fail because I will never give up.

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