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Established in 2017, The Inkwell.net is the culmination of my desire to give back to the literary community. It is through our writing that the world is given beauty and character. We each have a voice and all perspectives are valid therefore I do not discriminate between them. I embrace all of humanity: from the love of God to the hounds of Hell, I am comfortable working with all of these voices.

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The Inkwell.net exists to help writers - both students and veterans - with their editing and proofreading needs. I take care to give your literary works the attention they crave and the honesty they deserve. As a published author, I understand the needs and desires of writers. We want our words to come across clearly and succinctly. And, we want to make everybody's job easier. If the publisher has a hard time getting through our manuscript then the reader will too.

It is not uncommon for a writer to seek the perspective of another mind, another set of eyes to see what we might have missed. That’s what I am here for. No man is an island. No man succeeds alone. There is always someone there to help you, to push you toward your goals. . I’ll give you and your words the care and attention they need, and, I’ll do it for far less than the other guys. My services start at $5.00. And, if you have special circumstances or needs, I can accommodate them well.

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