Payment Details

Pay me through Paypal here, or click the button on the right.

Payment structure will be determined through our agreed upon collaboration. I usually require half of the contract fee up front and the remainder when the job is delivered. However, life is funny, things change and if you have special needs we can discuss them and figure something out that works for both of us.

If we find that paying by check is more to your needs, then please send your check to:

Eric G. Hoff
PO Box 994244
Redding, California, USA

Pricing Guidelines

For writing projects the fee is $20 per hour USD.

Editing projects start at $25 an hour, and are dependent upon the amount of labor involved.

Proofreading services are offered at $0.01 a word with discounts available for larger works.

All prices will be determined and agreed upon before I begin work.

Social Media

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