Policies and Procedures


In order to remain professional and unbiased, I have installed the following policies.

I am open to most subject matters. However, I do not accept anarchist works, overtly vulgar texts, and erotica. Please do not ask me to consider your work if your text falls into any of these categories.

My hours of operation are Monday thru Friday, 9am - 6pm PST. I don't work on the weekends or on major holidays.

All work is done through Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Acceptable file types are (.docx) and (.odt). If we are formatting for publication I strongly suggest MS Word.

MS Word is best as it affords me the opportunity to use the Tracking and Changes feature which provides you an easier time reading any corrections and suggestions I might make to your manuscript.

Please format your manuscript, regardless of length, in the following way: Text should be 12pt. type and lines double-spaced. Thank you.


We will work together through emails and/or phone calls.

After you send me a sample of the work (usually 5 to 10 pages), I will review the sample and determine what your project requires. At that time I will give you an estimate of the project cost based on what I've seen. Then you and I will discuss the price and the pay structure and upfront fees. You may send me money through Paypal, or, if you prefer, you can send me a check. Credit card payments may be made through Paypal.

Social Media

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